Solve the persistent cash
problems that plague retailers...

With this simple cash automation solution banks
have used for years to stereamline cash-handling!

  • Maximize staff
  • Streamline
  • Automate

Download this eBook and discover the technology that banks have used for years to eliminate cash-handling headaches!

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Case Study Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Anyone who works in retail understands the logistical headaches of handling and processing cash. It's hard to count, easy to lose and looking after it reduces everyone's productivity.

Learn just how this technology can do the same for retailers - complementing existing innovations such as smart safes.

Solve persistent cash problems
that plague retail

  1. Improve the level of control & security of cash in the store
  2. Reduce cash shrinkage theft, counting errors, & counterfeit notes
  3. Arrange provisional bank credit and reduce cash-in-transit & armored car costs
  4. Free cashiers, supervisors, and managers to focus on more critical work
  5. Cut the need for time consuming, hand-to-hand cash handling
  6. Eliminate bank deposit discrepancies and even to close your cash-room

Who can make use of
a cash recycler?

  • Convenience stores Convenience stores
  • Drug chains Drug chains
  • Restaurants and bars Restaurants and bars
  • Specialty stores & boutiques Specialty stores & boutiques
  • Warehouses Warehouses
  • Department stores Department stores
  • Discount big box chains Discount big box chains
  • Supermarkets Supermarkets
  • Auto-aftermarket stores Auto-aftermarket stores
  • Event venues Event venues

Did you know the following
facts about cash?

Cash makes up 40% of consumer transaction activity - larger than credit, debit or check.

  • The average consumer uses cash for two-thirds of transactions under $10.
  • One-third of the average consumer's monthly payments are transactions under $10.
  • Consumers use cash for 50% of all transaction under $50.

Many of these problems can be solved through efficient, effective cash automation.

Grab this eBook and check it out how others are doing it
and the results that they've achieved.

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